Travel to Haiti
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Bahamas vs Caribbean: what should you keep in mind when choosing a cruise?
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Curacao is a tiny "Holland", which can be seen on the map only with a multiple increase. This is truly the pearl of the Netherlands Antilles, surrounded on all sides…

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Cayman Islands – Beach and Tax haven in the Caribbean

Cayman Islands – overseas territory of the United Kingdom in the West Indies, in the Caribbean. The capital is Georgetown. Currency – Cayman Islands Dollar. The official language is English.

The main occupations of the population are servicing tourists and raising turtles.

The tropical trade wind climate on the islands is conducive to the active development of tourism. The fauna and flora are few. Only coastal waters can boast an abundance of marine life. Breeding of sea turtles is the most important activity of local residents.

Resorts and Attractions Cayman Islands
The three tiny Cayman Brack, the Grand Cayman, and the Small Cayman, which make up the British Overseas Territory of the Cayman Islands, dangerously balance on the edge of the vast Cayman Trench – the deepest part of the Caribbean. All over the world, these places are synonymous with beach holidays.

George Town (Cayman Island). George Town is the capital of the Cayman Islands (located on Grand Cayman Island).

Christopher Columbus in 1503 named the islands of Las Tortugas (turtles), and later they were renamed in honor of caimans, which on the islands were no less than turtles. This resort is considered the best resort in the world. Only one 10 km long beach is worth it. Here you can, after diving, observe the ramps. You can buy souvenirs from ships that sank off the coast.

The main attraction on the island is feeding stingrays. On Bora Bora, we already went on such an excursion, and now we wanted to once again feel this unforgettable impression in the Caymans.
The tour was ordered from the ship, and it was called the “Stingray & Island Tour”. The landing from the ship was very organized. At the pier you will have to sign a paper that you are responsible for your life. We chose an excursion on a beautiful boat, where a ladder descends into the water right to the sand. Here is the website:
At the port, you board the bus, styled like trailers, after 30 minutes of driving around the city, you are brought to the pier where the boat stands, which is also beautiful and comfortable inside. To the bay, where the ramps live, also swim for about 30 minutes. The bay is called North Sound and in the area where it merges with the Caribbean Sea is Stingray City.
Stingray City stands out from the sea, it is much brighter and the water is turquoise. It is shallow and the depth does not exceed 1.5 meters, and at the bottom there is snow-white sand. This place was discovered recently, in the 80s. Fishermen used this place to clean and prepare for sale fish, after returning from fishing, and the insides were thrown overboard. After some time, they noticed that as soon as their boats approach the shallows, many ramps and other marine inhabitants gather around. So they began to carry tourists here. Stingrays come to the sound of the motor, because they understand that they are being driven food.
Of course, there are a lot of boats, boats and catamarans, as well as people. And there were very few stingrays! And the ramps were apparently hungry, aggressive, so they beat their tail in the water so that it hardly seems to be photographed with them that they constantly had to be on the alert and turn away. I really didn’t like it, as it’s not very safe. On Bora Bora, this excursion is much better: there are no people, there are plenty of stingrays, and well fed, so friendly, and even sharks swim nearby. 🙂

Cayman Islands Nature

Travelers who have bought vouchers for the Cayman Islands, first of all, are going to relax with a taste. The amazing underwater world of the Cayman Islands is best admired from the side of a luxury catamaran. Having gone out to sea and plunged into the crystal clear waters of the ocean, you can swim with graceful slopes, look at the coral reefs and myriads of colorful fish that amaze with their simply fabulous colors, and prices for tours to the Cayman Islands often include this option. The islands are rich in forests, and not just tropical forests, namely the old forests, which were still used by the first settlers and harvested timber. Tourists can delve into the forest, walk on wooden floors laid through swampy areas, admire the luxurious orchids, watch coffee trees grow, and how many myriads of birds scurry between branches, and nimble earth crabs and iguanas crawl along the ground, the real queens of the islands .

Holidays in the Cayman Islands take place in a natural reserve. Parrots scurry about in the crowns of trees, and frigate birds calmly glide in the ascending air currents. Fans of ornithology head to the shores of ponds in the west of the island, where more than a hundred species of birds live, and several observation platforms have been built to observe them. Outside the airport runway there is a pond with salt water, and with a large colony of terns, which can be observed from April to August.

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