Costa Rica
This small mountainous country, which has settled the isthmus between North and South America, You can see the land as it was at the creation of the world, and on…

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Costa Rica
This small mountainous country, which has settled the isthmus between North and South America, You can see the land as it was at the creation of the world, and on…

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Tortola Islands
Among the British Virgin Islands, Tortola is the largest and most interesting tourist destination. He managed to preserve his natural splendor and rich cultural heritage; each of his cities is…

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Active and resort life in Honduras

This amazing country fascinates guests with its extraordinary atmosphere of ancient grandeur and wonderful natural monuments. Tourism of Honduras offers travelers a lot of opportunities for a diverse and unforgettable vacation.

Tropical Tourism Honduras
Excursions to the unique cultural sites of the past, fascinating diving, relaxing vacations on the marble beaches of the Islas de la Bahia archipelago – Honduras tourism will be interesting for any category of vacationers.

Honduras Resorts

The best resorts of Honduras, washed by the azure expanse of the Caribbean Sea, welcome tourists with cozy hotels and wonderful beaches. The most famous place for a beach holiday is the colorful Roatan – a small island with marvelous nature and gentle tropical sun. Holidays on the island offer opportunities for outdoor activities – the picturesque underwater world of island bays will be interesting for lovers of diving and scuba diving.

Ski Resorts Honduras

Due to the territorial position of the country in the subtropics and plus temperatures, the Montesillos and Opalaka mountain ranges remain free from snow cover even in winter. Therefore, the ski resorts of Honduras can not be implemented in this country.

Medical Resorts of Honduras

Modern Honduras is famous, first of all, for its resorts, spread on the Caribbean coast. In the full sense of the word, the health resorts of Honduras are not well known. Nevertheless, the developing tourism of Honduras offers to its guests motels and pensions in various parts of the country. The fashionable hotels of well-known resorts provide clients with wellness services and SPA treatments.

Honduras Tours

Tours of Honduras, diverse in subject and orientation, will be interesting to any vacationer. Lovers of outdoor activities and extreme sports will enjoy wide opportunities for rafting and diving, the presence of interesting and dangerous routes to the mountains and the jungle. Fans of historical and cultural tourism will certainly appreciate the unique sights of Honduras. On the coasts of the country, all conditions are created for a full and full rest, and just relaxing lying on the beach.

Holidays in Honduras

When planning a vacation in Honduras, it is recommended to take care of safety and observe elementary rules of caution, since street crime remains one of the problems of the state.

Honduras beaches

The delightful beaches of Honduras are rightfully considered to be one of the best in the world: silky white sand, picturesque coral reefs, luxurious tropical nature make the country a great place for a beach holiday. The best local beaches belong to the islands of the Islas de la Bahia archipelago, the resorts of the cities of Tela and Trujillo.

Honduras Hotels

The hotels of Honduras, which are diverse in price category and offered services, are distinguished by traditional hospitality and deservedly won good reviews from tourists.

Honduras transport

The country has 3 international airports located in the cities of Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba. Terrestrial communication between cities and neighboring countries is carried out by the railway transport of Honduras, as well as shuttle buses.

Marino Punta del Sol National Park

This National Park covers an area of ​​about 700 square meters. km, located on the Caribbean coast west of the city of Tela and our village of Triumfo de la Crus, where we stayed for a couple of nights. Passing the city, the highway turned right – to the sea and soon ended. The sandy road went further along a narrow spit along the sea. On it stood houses built of poles – it was a village of garifuns. Both the walls and the roofs of many houses were made from coconut palm leaves.

Through the open doors and windows it was clear that there was nothing superfluous from the situation in the house — a stove and a table on one side, and a bed on the other. But more often the center stood on the street near the house. Some houses were made of planks, and the roof is covered with palm leaves. Only very few houses had walls made of stone – probably these were dachas of urban residents.

Garifuna is a mixture of African slaves, once brought here by the Spaniards, and Indians. But some have kept their African roots pure. Our driver Ernesto, with whom we went on this excursion, was also a Garifun and lived in the same village in which our hotel was.

To my question – what country of Africa were his ancestors from – answered that he did not know. From languages ​​speaks only Spanish. And none of them already remembers their African roots. Garifuns are very different from the indigenous people – the Hondurans, whose ancestors were Mayan tribes. They are slender and tall, unlike the shorties of Hondurans, Guatemalans, and Mexicans. Well and, of course, very black.

In the center of the village there is a police post, which guards both the reserve and us tourists. We met. “Salute, Ukraine!” One of them exclaimed in Spanish to the general smiles of his colleagues. They laugh that we are from Ukraine. This is probably as far and funny for them as Honduras is for us.

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