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The Dominican Republic is a fertile land, spread out in the east of the island of Haiti, surrounded by waves of the Caribbean Sea. The capital is the sultry Santo Domingo, the birthplace of reference cigars, the cradle of incendiary merengue.

The first association with the Dominican Republic – endless beaches of amazing beauty: with white sand, spreading palm trees, the gentle sea – indispensable attributes of a tropical paradise. But this is by no means the only thing that the country delights travelers with. There are many noteworthy sights: architecture, which incorporates island traditions and features of European styles, national parks with breathtaking nature. And also – a whole palette of entertainment for adepts of outdoor activities. The Dominican Republic lives in the rhythms of bachata and salsa, inviting everyone to plunge into the cheerful atmosphere of the world, where every day is like a small holiday.

Regions and resorts of the Dominican Republic
The historical center of the Dominican capital Santo Domingo is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Well, deservedly so: the local architecture is luxurious. The city was founded by none other than the younger brother of Christopher Columbus, Bartolomeo, and at first dubbed New Isabella.

In the 16th century, Santo Domingo was the capital of the Spanish colonies of the New World, and today much reminds of the glorious past: Rosario Chapel, Santa Maria la Menor Cathedral, Casa del Almirante Palace, Alcazar Castle and other architectural monuments – vivid examples of the Renaissance and Gothic, Arabic and Romanesque styles.

If the capital is an ideal place for a sightseeing vacation, then resorts are for a carefree beach. The most popular among family tourists is Punta Cana with a well-groomed coastline, a chain of five-star hotels, excellent fish restaurants and amazing nature. Nearby are three national parks with lush vegetation and exotic inhabitants.

Puerto Plata is 120 km of picturesque beaches of the resorts of Cabarete, Sosua and Playa Dorada. The first is a paradise for windsurfers: the waves here are spectacular. Young people come here in search of new acquaintances and adventures. Although for dating it is better to go to Sosua: this small town with a busy beach is full of clubs and bars that attract lovers of thrills. And Playa Dorada consists entirely of all-inclusive hotels and entertainment spots: there is a golf course, a casino, and excellent shops and restaurants.

Boca Chica is a cozy lagoon protected from the outside world by a coral reef. It is good to combine a beach holiday with all sorts of activities: diving or tennis, windsurfing or horse riding, sailing or water skiing. In Juan Dolio it is better to stop for those who plan to visit the capital often: the resort is located just 50 km from Santo Domingo. Bayahibe is famous for its clean beaches, calm sea and the diversity of the underwater world. In Saman there are many secluded corners surrounded by untouched nature, and dolphins, manatees and even humpback whales look into the local waters. The lack of historical monuments in the town of La Romana is compensated by a developed tourist infrastructure. And Cap Cana is a young resort, but it has already earned a reputation for being elite: Donald Trump himself had a hand in this.

The climate in the country is humid subtropical. Sea breezes and trade winds blowing from the northeast soften the heat. The rainy season lasts from May to September and is characterized by frequent but short showers. Short-term showers in November and December are also possible. The rest of the time, dry, warm weather remains. The hottest month is August. The average daytime temperatures range from +25 ° C in the winter to +33 ° C in the summer. The ebbs and flows are insignificant.

All Dominican Republic hotels are classified and have an official “star rating”. As a rule, it corresponds to the list of services provided. Almost all hotels operate on an “all inclusive” system, which includes three meals a day, snacks at any time, local drinks, soft drinks in the minibar and beach “non-motorized” entertainment.

In the capital, rooms in modest 2 * hotels will cost from 2000 DOP, in more comfortable 3 * from 3700 DOP, in luxury 5 * from 5500 DOP per night. Accommodation in four-star hotels in Puerto Plata costs from 3400 DOP, in five-star hotels – from 7500 DOP per day. In Punta Cana, you can remove the “four” for 4000-5000 DOP or the “five” for 8000 DOP per day.

The country has many comfortable cottages, bungalows with 8-16 rooms in each. The hotel complexes have large green areas (mini-trains usually go along them, since it is sometimes quite far to walk to the pool or beach), there is animation. All hotels are not high-rise (maximum 4 floors), mainly “fours” and “fives”. There are no Russian-speaking employees in the hotels, but many tour operators have their permanent representatives.

The proximity of the sea causes rapid deterioration of the hotel fund, therefore, when choosing a hotel, you need to pay attention to when it was last reconstructed.

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