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Saint Lucia: Caribbean beaches, offshore and citizenship for investment

This small island in the Caribbean attracts not only with its obvious natural advantages. Saint Lucia is one of the five countries in the region that offers foreigners participation in the Citizenship for Investment program. We understand the advantages and disadvantages.
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Saint Lucia on a world map
Flight and Visas
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Saint Lucia on a world map
The territory of Saint Lucia was discovered by Christopher Columbus at the end of 1502. Until 1814, England and France fought for the country. After the island came under British jurisdiction, becoming a colony. The state received full independence on February 22, 1979. And since 2013, Saint Lucia has been part of the ALBA alliance.

ALBA is a socialist alliance of Latin America and the Caribbean. It includes Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Dominic, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Lucia, Grenada and Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Saint Lucia occupies the island of the same name between Saint Vincent and Martinique. On the one hand it is washed by the Caribbean Sea, on the other – the Atlantic.

The indigenous population – Arawak and Caribbean – was not left on the island. Most of the people living there come from Africa, India; Europeans make up no more than 1%. The main religion in the country is Catholicism – 60% of the population profess it.

Saint Lucia map

Country profile
Area 616 sq. Km
Capital Castries
Population> 180 thousand people
Language The official language is English, French is also common
GDP per person $ 4.8 thousand
Currency East Caribbean Dollar
Rating in the passport index * 28th place in the world
* An indicator ranking countries according to the level of freedom of movement, taking into account the rules of the visa regime. The first lines get passports with visa-free entry to the largest number of countries.

Flight and Visas
There are two airports on the island of Saint Lucia serving civilian flights.

Hewanor (St Lucia Hewanorra International Airport) is located in the southern part of the country, near the city of Vieux Fort. This is a transport hub for international airlines.
Castries George F. Charles Airport is located in the capital. Caribbean Airlines Only.
A direct flight to Saint Lucia is not available for either Russians or residents of the CIS countries: you can only get there with a transfer. So, a flight from Moscow will be with at least one stop – either at New York’s Kennedy Airport or at London Heathrow. In the first case, the travel time will take more than a day, in the second – about 18 hours. The most convenient departure from London on board British Airways.

If you are planning a transplant in London that lasts more than 24 hours, please note that you will need a transit visa.

There are other options for transfers – in Paris, Helsinki and other European cities. However, due to the high cost of tickets and inconvenient connecting flights, experienced travelers are advised to get to the neighboring Caribbean, and from there to Saint Lucia. Between all the islands of the region, air and sea links are established.

Russians do not need a visa for up to six weeks. But citizens of Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan to visit St. Lucia require a visa, which can be issued at the nearest UK visa centers.

Before departure from the country, all guests are required to pay a fee of $ 15. Usually this amount is included in the ticket price, but it is better to clarify before the trip.

Infrastructure and attractions
The public transport network is poorly developed, there are no railways on the island at all. Therefore, tourists often rent cars to move around the country. Travelers are advised to choose a four-wheel drive car, especially if you plan a trip deep into Saint Lucia: the roads in the country are mostly steep and narrow.

The country has left-hand traffic.

The inconvenience of infrastructure is offset by natural beauty. The total length of the coastline of Saint Lucia is more than 1100 km. It is interesting that almost all beaches are black volcanic sand, but they prefer to fill it with white from above.
Fans of secluded relaxation should pay attention to the east coast of the island. Small hotels are located throughout the coastline. The west of St. Lucia, by contrast, is more like the usual Mediterranean resorts with good hotels, restaurants and developed infrastructure.

Note that mostly municipal beaches, but some hotels have their own.

The territory of Saint Lucia is covered by tropical forests, the coastline forms many calm bays, and the surrounding waters abound with marine fauna and hide underwater volcanoes. In addition, the island has mineral springs and healing mud, which are actively used in local spa centers.

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