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Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is a tiny country in the chain of the Lesser Antilles in the eastern Caribbean. Maybe for some it sounds blasphemous, but Saint Vincent was very lucky with British rule. The state gained independence only in 1979, during the years of freedom it almost ruined its economy, but it caught on in time. Now St. Vincent grows marijuana and hosts wealthy tourists. One of the local islands, Mustique, has completely become a haven of Hollywood stars and other rich people, but once it was a pirate base!

Although St. Vincent is essentially a backward agrarian country that imports everything it needs from abroad, life expectancy here, for example, is longer than in Russia. Those countries that got out too soon from under the heel of the white colonizer were less fortunate.

In general, this is another place on the map where you can do nothing. More precisely, even if you want to do something, there will be absolutely nothing to do. The real ass of the world, of which there are dozens on our planet. Some consider it a paradise, which is very reckless. In general, I always wondered why people consider paradise to do nothing. In my opinion, a person can only be happy in work, in development. And what kind of development can be on a small island, where there is no culture, no art, no people? What happiness can be in warming the sides in the sun?

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) – an independent island state in the Caribbean (Caribbean Sea), located in the group of the Windward Islands (Windward Islands). The island of Saint Vincent (Saint Vincent) is located in the north of the Grenadines archipelago (Grenadines archipelago). And the Grenadines themselves are numerous small islands. The Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea wash the eastern and western shores of this archipelago. The capital of the island nation is Kingstown.

The air temperature in the archipelago is maintained at the same level all year round: +26 ° C. From May to July, the rainy season takes place, during which hurricanes and typhoons are more likely. From December to April, the islands have the least rainfall. The tourist season, from January to May, is ideal for holidays in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

The official language of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is English, but the local population communicates among themselves in the French dialect of Patois. The islanders profess various movements of Christianity.

Those who love exoticism and active leisure should definitely visit this island nation. Tourists and their fellow travelers on the islands will enjoy wonderful underwater fishing, a memorable trip on a catamaran or yacht along the coastline of the archipelago.

An amazing underwater world lives on the islands, which will not leave indifferent fans of diving and snorkeling. On vacation, guests of the archipelago can dive with dolphins, swim in waterfalls and sunbathe on the beaches of St. Vincent covered in black volcanic sand.

Hiking and leisurely cycling trips to the faded volcanoes of the island will appeal to those vacationers who value country leisure.

Tourists who are fond of shopping are advised to stay in the capital of the island state – Kingstown. The city has markets, shops and Duty Free centers where vacationers can purchase goods for every taste.

Attractions Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
The capital of Kingstown is famous for its cobblestone pavement, souvenir shops located along the bay and Bedford street, wonderful orchards on the hillsides and magnificent palm alleys. In the capital, guests of the islands who come on vacation can look at the ancient buildings of the colonial era and the church. The magnificent St Mary Cathedral has become known for its striking mix of architectural styles: from Romanesque arches to Moorish ornaments. And in St. George’s Cathedral (St George Cathedral), travelers, along with fellow travelers, should examine the Red Angel stained-glass window. The unforgettable Saint Vincent Botanical Gardens, which occupy 8.1 hectares north of Kingstown, will provide vacationers with a chance to enjoy the beauty of tropical flowers and trees.

Island guests can book a boat trip to the northern tip of St. Vincent, where they await Baleine Falls. The Baleine freshwater cascade breaks off volcanic cliffs to form shallow pools. Bequia Island is 14 km south of St. Vincent, where travelers are invited to go fishing and go boating in the Bequia Marine Park. Vacationers will find deep-sea fishing and eco-tourism in the fishing villages of Layou fishing village, Barrouallie fishing village and Chateaubelair fishing village. For tourists who come to these places on vacation, guest cottages are equipped near the beaches of black volcanic sand.

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