Seven Wonders of Puerto Rico
Puerto rico - A state located on the island of the same name in the Caribbean. Translated from Spanish, its name means “rich port”, and although initially it meant something…

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Features of the expedition: UNESCO World Heritage Sites: St. Lucia Island and Bridgetown Historic Center Meeting with the Varao tribe, whose name translates as “people of boats” An incredible variety…

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Geography of the Caribbean. Geographical Description of the Caribbean
Geographically, the term "Caribbean" includes the Caribbean Sea, and all islands located southeast of the Gulf of Mexico, east of Central America and Mexico, and north of South America. Although…

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Travel to Barbados

This island is little known to Russian travelers. The reason is a long and rather expensive flight. Most tourists from the USA, Germany and Great Britain have a rest here. But if you are not afraid of the difficult road and visit Barbados, then you will definitely want to return here again.

First about the pronunciation. It is correct to say the name of the island with an emphasis on the second syllable. But in Russia, even many tour managers place a sound emphasis on the former.

Traveling to Barbados Barbados is a state in the West Indies, located on the island of the same name. Belongs to the group of Lesser Antilles. The capital of Barbados is the city of Bridgetown. The official language of the island is English. You will also find here the local dialect, the so-called badge. Do not be surprised if you do not understand a word, even if you speak English well. Beydzhan suggests a prolonged pronunciation, the end of one word as if smoothly goes to the beginning of another. It is really difficult to make out. In such cases, gestures will help. But the local dialect is not widespread.

Barbados received its singing name in the 16th century from Portuguese sailors. The first thing they saw upon entering the island were palm trees, the crowns of which reminded them of beards. And this word in Portuguese sounds like “Barbados” (“bearded”).

The west and south of the island are washed by the Caribbean Sea, the eastern coast – the Atlantic Ocean. But they recommend swimming only in the Caribbean. The Atlantic is troubled, with undercurrents. It remains only to admire this beauty. True, there is a place on the Atlantic coast – Oistins (Oistins), where surfers from all over the world gather. It’s dangerous to swim there, the waves of the ocean are breaking against the shore with such force that it’s even scary to stand close.

According to Greenpeace, Barbados has the cleanest Caribbean. The water is actually transparent, but it is very salty and when you accidentally get into your eyes, you start to “go blind”.

My advice is to swim with water glasses. Not very convenient, especially since there is no unusual underwater world in Barbados, but you will protect your eyes. By the way, despite the large amount of salt, water does not dry the skin! There is no feeling of tightness after water procedures. But be sure to protect your skin from the sun. Sunbathe and burn here instantly. A cream with a protection factor SPF25 will be quite enough. The sun in Barbados rises early, at five in the morning it is really bright, but it sets early too – at six in the evening it is night. Local time is eight hours behind Moscow (before the clock was shifted in the winter, it was seven hours behind the clock and eight in the summer).

It is recommended to go to the island from December to June, then the rainy season begins until November. But you should not be afraid of the weather. Rain falls for only a few minutes once or twice a day, dries quickly, the sea does not become cold. Therefore, the weather will definitely not spoil the mood, but it will be possible to save on a ticket to the rainy season (accommodation prices at this time are one and a half times lower than from December to June).

It should be noted that the island of “Little England” is called not without reason. For more than three hundred years, until 1966, Barbados was a colony of Great Britain. This left an imprint on everything. The capital of Barbados has its own Trafalgar Square, a monument to Admiral Nelson and a small copy of the English Big Ben. True, Trafalgar Square was renamed Heroes’ Square in 1999, but the monument to Lord Nelson and Big Ben remained. From the British, the inhabitants of the island also got the tradition of drinking tea at 5 p.m., a passion for cricket and golf, as well as the popularity of sailing.

Flight to Barbados

Foreign carriers offer flights to the island with a change in London or Frankfurt. If you fly British Airways, then keep in mind that you are waiting for a change of airport. From Moscow, the plane will fly to Heathrow Airport, and you can get to Barbados from Gatwick Airport. It takes 45 minutes to get from one airport to another. The easiest way to get to Gatwick is with National Express buses. For two adult one-way tickets, we paid 49 pounds. Only pounds sterling is accepted at the airport box office. Therefore, exchange money in advance or have a bank card with you.

I draw your attention to this because I witnessed a situation where a Korean girl, buying a bus ticket, was refused because she wanted to pay the euro. She had to look for an exchange office. Well, if you have time between flights. But imagine if you need to get from one airport to another very quickly, since there is little time between flights.

You can legally stay in the UK 24 hours. An officer at the airport will stamp the passport about this. If time permits, take a walk around London and even visit some museum (for example, Madame Tussauds waxworks). Just keep in mind that the capital of Great Britain is a huge metropolis. And it takes time to get from one end of the city to the other.

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