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Explore Orinoco and the Caribbean with Le Dumont-D’urville mega yacht

Features of the expedition:
UNESCO World Heritage Sites: St. Lucia Island and Bridgetown Historic Center
Meeting with the Varao tribe, whose name translates as “people of boats”
An incredible variety of endemic wildlife, including macaws, toucans, scarlet ibuses, caimans, iguanas and dolphins
Visit Tobago Cays Marine Park with its amazing underwater life
The opportunity to spend the whole day in the Canaima National Park and fly around the world’s tallest Angel Falls
Snorkeling or diving (with a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certificate) with an experienced instructor

Expedition program by day:

Day 1. Fort de France. Martinique
Boarding the mega-yacht Le Dumont-D’urville will be carried out in the afternoon. You will embark on a 13-day cruise from Fort de France, the capital of Martinique, which is the French region. Her culture has absorbed the diversity of French and Caribbean cultural heritage.

Day 2. Saint Lucia
Arrival on the island of Saint Lucia. The island is famous for exotic plants, tropical forests and gardens, sandy beaches on the west coast, natural healing mineral springs and a unique underwater world, turtles and parrots, opportunities for excellent fishing, windsurfing, horse riding and unique descents into volcanoes. A large number of night clubs and discos are concentrated here. Saint Lucia is a synonym for measured relaxation. Your stop will be in one of the most beautiful places of the island – Marigot Bay. This is the tourist center of the island, the place where the most luxurious hotels, restaurants and bars are located. In the picturesque marina, the white-winged yachts of Hollywood stars, billionaires and major politicians anchor.
The second stop on the island will be in the former capital of the island, and now the tourist center – Soufriere. Here you can visit the extinct volcano Petit Python, which is under the protection of UNESCO, go down to the crater of the volcano, swim in the mineral spring, take a bath in the font, built during the reign of Louis XIV.

Day 3. Bequia. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Bequia, translated from the local dialect, means “island of clouds.” It is the largest and one of the busiest volcanic islands in the Grenadines chain. Bequia – an island surrounded by greenery, is located 14 km southwest of about. Saint Vincent is the berth of numerous yachts.

Day 4. Mero Island. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Mero Island has an area of ​​only 2.10 square kilometers. In the only settlement here – the village of Old Wall, located on a hilltop in the south-west of the island, only 280 people live. Interestingly, only here in 2002 they began to use electricity. The area is rich in beautiful brick and stone Catholic churches. There are many beautiful brick and stone Catholic churches here.

Day 5. St. George. Grenada
The capital of Grenada – St. George lies at the tip of a beautiful bay. Surrounded by wild tropical forests, ancient beaches and numerous waterfalls, this is truly a charming place. Today you can go on a fascinating tour of the island or relax on the snow-white beaches.

Day 6. At sea

Day 7 – 9 Orinoco. Venezuela
An exciting exploration of the Orinoco River awaits you these days. Even amid the magnificent nature of Venezuela, the Orinoco delta is considered an absolute phenomenon. Kilometers and kilometers of impenetrable jungle, thousands of rare species of living creatures and exquisite beauty of neotropical birds do not leave indifferent any tourist.
The animal world is represented by jaguars, cougars, ocelotomes, freshwater dolphins, manatees, gigantic guinea pigs – capybaras, howler monkeys, stunning concerts at dawn and sunset, and many other species of mammals. From reptiles, slowly traveling at night along the channels, at low water you can see crocodiles and caimans. Terikai water turtles bask on snags and submerged trunks.
For an additional fee, it is possible to book an excursion to the Canaima National Park and an airplane flight by Angel Falls.

Day 10. Charlotteville, Trinidad and Tobago
Charlotville, located in the northeastern part of Tobago. This city is ideal for exploring the culture and life of the indigenous population. In fact, this is one of the oldest settlements in Tobago. Before the arrival of Europeans, the village of the Caribbean Indians was located on this place, and the first European colony was founded by the Dutch in 1633.
Around this pastoral town, the most beautiful places of the island are believed to be concentrated. Pigeon Pike (300 m – the highest point of the island), the beautiful Manovar Bay with its long beach of fine brown sand, a beautiful dive zone in Piraeits Bay, Fort Campbell with its old cannons on delicate white carriages, a green hill Flagstaff Hill, which offers a picturesque panorama of the surrounding area, the resort area around Crown Point.

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